Can CBD Affect My Period? How This Miracle Oil Works

Can CBD Affect My Period? How This Miracle Oil Works

Code red, code red! It’s period time, which means the dreaded cramps are on their way, the heavy flow is on the horizon, and the incurable hunger and chocolate cravings have come to say hello. 

When it comes to our periods, there are all kinds of things that can affect your cycle. Our bodies are gorgeous, sexy temples, and there’s so much that goes on without us realising the effects. Things like sugar, sleep, exercise and medication all have an impact on our menstrual cycle.

But those aren’t the only things that can affect your period. Your period’s best friend, CBD oil, can also spice things up when it comes to your menstrual cycle, with the effects being better and more positive than we ever imagined!

Does CBD affect my period?

When it comes to your actual menstrual cycle, CBD isn’t going to affect your flow or hormone cycle. Adhering to the daily recommended use of CBD means that the compound has subtle effects on our brain receptors which are in charge of inflammation, stress levels and mental temperaments.

However, what can affect your period is THC and chronic exposure to cannabinoids. Studies suggest that it may suppress hormones during the premenstrual phase. But not to worry, our CBD oil babies have only the smallest traces of THC, so there’s no way you’ll feel the psychoactive effects or experience any hormonal changes whatsoever. 

CBD for period pain

CBD is a game-changing natural remedy for kicking period cramps in the butt. And yeah, you’ve probably heard about natural therapies like yoga, meditation and gentle walks curing period cramps. But let’s be honest, yoga and walks are the last things on our minds when we’re experiencing insufferable period cramps.

Studies have shown that CBD can significantly reduce pain and inflammation that is experienced during our periods. That’s because CBD attaches to the receptors in our endocannabinoid system (ECS) - CBD can then influence how our bodies react to inflammation. 

CBD combating period symptoms & moods

Evidence is so much more substantial than we think when it comes to all the benefits CBD brings during our periods. But the thing is, we need to be investing in a high-quality product to reap the benefits, and if you feel as though your pain or anxiety during your period is overwhelming, 2000mg CBD oil is here to lend a hand.

CBD oil reduces anxiety

Before you’ve even realised your period is about to come knocking on the door, you’ve probably experienced your mind running off to all kinds of weird and wacky places. 

CBD has the power to send messages to neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for leaving us feeling cool, calm and collected. So, instead of living in a state of anxiety, CBD can tell our brains to chill the eff out.

Say goodbye to nausea 

There’s word on the street that CBD is a life-saver when it comes to beating nausea. As with all topics surrounding CBD, there haven’t been enough studies to prove this, and most of the work surrounds people with cancer. Nonetheless, the results individuals have experienced in combating nausea with CBD oil for pain and nausea have been highly positive. 

Sleep, glorious sleep

One of the things people struggle with during their menstrual cycle is sleep. While you might have constant brain fog and experience fatigue during your period, periods can lead to disruptive sleep because of hormones causing anxiety and stress. The reason CBD can be a game changer here is not that the oil makes us sleepy; that’s THC’s job. Instead, this miracle oil eases a busy mind by combatting anxiety and making us more chillllllll.

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