Ovulation Emotional Mood Swings | Symptoms & Causes

Ovulation Emotional Mood Swings | Symptoms & Causes

If gut-wrenching period cramps weren’t enough, there’s the ovulation emotional mood swings that come a week and a half before them. And yeah, maybe we get to feel sexy and if we’re lucky, have perfectly glowy skin during ovulation, but what about the mood swings that come with it?

Our periods aren’t just a once a month thing; instead, your menstrual cycle continues throughout the month, and hormone levels have a different effect throughout your cycle. Every person experiences the impact of ovulation differently, and it can vary in intensity and duration.

If you’re curious about all things ovulation, we’ve got you covered! We’re discussing why mood things are a thing, what you’re likely to experience during ovulation and the tell-tale signs of when it’s a no-no or a go-go for having sex. 

Why are mood swings a thing during ovulation?

Mood swings during ovulation are a completely normal thing. Our mood swings are a reaction to estrogen and progesterone levels sharply increasing to prepare your ovaries to release an egg. These two hormones are responsible for stimulating the uterus and breasts for possible fertilisation. It’s baby-making time! 

Because our hormones are out of whack, our serotonin levels get all mixed up. Serotonin is a key hormone and neurotransmitter that stabilises our moods, happiness and feelings of well-being. This happy hormone also regulates our eating and sleeping patterns (CBD oil is a major help for disruptive sleep), so don’t be alarmed if you experience food cravings and fatigue. 

What emotions do you feel during ovulation?

Irritability and mood swings are the two most common symptoms of ovulation. Our mood changes are all thanks to hormone levels as a way to prepare the uterus and ovaries to release and fertilise an egg.

There are two ends of the spectrum here. On the one side, we can be left feeling weepy and sad, and even the slightest inconvenience can make us feel a little on the aggy side. And then you get the anger, where everything and everyone pisses you off and leaves your eyes rolling.

PMS symptoms you can experience during your period can also be:

  • Lack of sleep / disruptive sleep
  • Hunger / appetite suppression
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of interest
  • Crying spells
  • Sudden change in emotions
  • Cramps

Can ovulation make you depressed?

In general, the depression people may experience during ovulation is pesky, subtle and short-lived. However, the severity and length will depend on person to person, and each cycle might bring on new intensities. 

PMS is one of those things almost all people experience; however, a severe extension of PMS affects 5% of people. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is similar to PMS, except that people tend to experience severe depression, irritability and anxiety. These symptoms tend to go away two to three days after your period starts.

Ovulation symptoms

On top of mood swings and irritability, there are several physical effects we experience as a result of the change of hormone levels. 

  • An increased libido: If you’ve noticed that you might be feeling a little extra frisky, you can thank your ovulation phase. After all, our bodies are screaming for us to make babies. 
  • Changes in your discharge: It’s not uncommon to notice changes in your discharge around ovulation. For example, you might notice that your discharge is sticky, transparent or cloudy, but this is totally normal and nothing you should be alarmed by.
  • Pelvic and lower back pain: Mild aches or dull pains can indicate which side of the abdomen is releasing the egg. Follicular fluid and some blood can irritate the pelvis, which is why it might be a little more sensitive than usual.
  • Spotting: There’s a slight chance you’ll encounter some spotting during ovulation. Again, this is completely normal, and it’s simply residue from the egg bursting in your ovary. Sounds delightful, right?
  • Bloating: Because our bodies have upped progesterone levels, our food takes longer to travel down our intestinal tubes, which results in us feeling slightly bloated and crampy. Can we ever catch an f-ing break?

Well, while these symptoms can be a pain in the butt, it’s also a blessing in disguise for people! Knowing when you’re ovulating is literally life-changing. Because this is the phase in our menstrual cycle when we can fall pregnant, we have an element of control when refraining from or indulging in sexual activity.

Can you have PMS symptoms during ovulation?

So, can you have PMS symptoms during ovulation? Yup! Now that we know our ovulation phase is all about balancing the hormones in the body to prepare for an egg to be released and fertilised, it’s only natural that we experience PMS symptoms.

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