Why Do Periods Hurt So Much On The First Day

Why Do Periods Hurt So Much On The First Day

We’ve all been there, you notice the first signs of spotting and then it hits…. the horrific pain that means only one thing, it’s the first day of your period. But why are your first day cramps more painful than the rest of your period? To find out, we need to look deeper into our cycles:

How long does the average period last?

Most periods tend to last around five days, although they can average anything between three and eight days. All periods are different and you may even see changes in length from month to month - the odd day here or there is completely normal, but if you are worried then speak with your medical professional.

The first couple of days of your period are usually heavier, darker and more painful (yay), and when the average person who menstruates goes through 480 cycles in their lifetime, that’s a lot of days to be in pain. Nobody wants that, so let’s look at what we can do to tackle it.

What causes day one period pain?

The technical term for period pain is dysmenorrhea and your dysmenorrhea is stronger during the first day of your period cycle due to a natural chemical called prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are made within the lining of your uterus and cause the muscles and vessels within the uterus to contract.

On the first day of your period, the level of prostaglandins within your uterus lining is higher than usual, leading to a higher number of contractions and you guessed it, more cramps and pain.

For most womxn the pain is manageable and with the help of your friendly Delics can be soothed, but for others severe pain comes with other symptoms including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness.

How can you ease period pain?

As discussed in our previous piece, 10 ways to naturally tackle period pain, there are a number of au naturale things you can try to relieve your dysmenorrhea including: drinking more water, herbal teas, gentle exercise, applying heat and our least favourite, skipping the treats.

Couple that with a dose of our natural CBD remedies and you can manage your mood, soothing that pain out of your mind.

Let’s make our periods more zen and focus on the fun in life!

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