What is CBD?


Delics CBD & Olive Oil about us

The Science: Every person has an endocannabinoid system, which is connected to your nervous system and associated with bringing balance throughout your body. Researchers have found that CBD activates these endocannabinoid receptors, so adding CBD oil into your daily routine can reduce stress and inflammation of cells. 

Layman's Terms: Long story short, this system regulates a bunch of shit in your brain and body, and CBD gives it a wee boost. Balancing your mood, sleep, digestion and so many other amazing things. 

Why Olive Oil?

This liquid gold has been shown to mimic the characteristics of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, giving you a more natural solution to pain relief. 
It’s more than a kitchen staple, studies show that olive oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are cumulative. Therefore, taking it on a regular basis increases its pain-relieving potential, which is why we recommend getting a daily dose. 

Another pain relieving property of olive is linoleic acid, which is known to reduce inflammation to the prostaglandin (the cheeky hormone that affects the uterus and causes it to contract). So, olive oil can also help lessen period pains.

Olive oil also contains vitamin E, triterpenes, and phenols, these work together to reduce oxidative processes in the brain, meaning less PMS-related mood swings! 

Plus, our CBD is farmed, extracted and bound to the Organic cold pressed Olive Oil in the UK, meaning it provides a sustainable alternative to importing products.

Why Drops?

The fastest and most effective delivery of CBD is oil, placing it under the tongue gets it to your bloodstream super efficiently. 

Drops also allow you to take more control of your dosage, meaning you can flex it around your lifestyle, increasing or decreasing your intake when it feels right for you.

Why Delics?

Our organic oils are meticulously formulated to deliver a high concentration of full spectrum cannabinoid hemp extract. Mood swings are natural, that's why our oils are plant-based. Keeping it au naturel. 

Each bottle contains 10ml of rich phytocannabinoid oil, extracted with all-natural CO2 from organic hemp plants, and blended with organic olive oil as a carrier. To use, add to drinks, food, or take orally under the tongue. 

We’ve got 3 sexy strengths for you to choose from: 

Lowkey 500mg CBD & Olive Oil

This is our starter CBD oil, for the newbies who want to start low before they get high… on life! This will help you manage your dose and your mood. 

Hot Shot 1000mg CBD & Olive Oil

This strength of CBD oil is for our more seasoned professional who know their sh*t. Balance your mood, balance your mind. 

So Extra 2000mg CBD & Olive Oil

Losing your mind due to pain, lack of sleep and all the other crappy things that get thrown at you? Try our expert strength.

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