Our Story

What happens when a Scot and an Aussie go into business together?
Dancing, Drugs (just CBD so it doesn’t really count)…and Delics. 
We’re like you, always laughing, occasionally having a shocker, a little bit silly and completely unique! We started Delics as a diverse, inclusive and socially conscious way to tackle PMS. We want our CBD to be an affordable way to get through the day.
We know all people can struggle with mood swings, pain and sleepless nights regardless of their background so we want to advocate for the rights of all people with a period. Giving them a platform to share their period experiences and reduce the stigma that is still prevalent today.
Our CBD is full spectrum (THC <0.2%), meaning it comes directly from the sativa L. plant giving you a more natural remedy to your PMS that will NOT get high. Plus, it’s only other ingredient is Olive Oil, giving it a better taste and adding to the PMS fight!
Delics CBD & Olive Oil is 100% vegan, 3rd party tested and made in the UK